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Sticks and Stones

GRP - GRD 9562


Birds With Long Legs   
Pico Pica (Don Grusin)
Sailing at Night (Don Grusin)
River Song   
Sticks and Stones   (and Don Grusin)
Good Ol' Boys (Don Grusin)
This Little Pig's Got the Blues (Don Grusin)
Dog Heaven (Don Grusin)
Southern Wind (Caymmi)
North-Tribal Step Dance  

Produced by
Dave Grusin and Don Grusin

Dave Grusin openly admits that doing “Sticks and Stones” was terrific fun , and the infectious inventiveness of this electronic production from the Brothers Grusin sparkles with all the spontaneity one would expect from such an outing.

Here is a chance to experience what occurs when two talented siblings get together to create an album.  From start to finish, it's filled with the characteristic joie de vivre which can be found in their most spirited compositions.

The interesting exploration of motif and melody through exploitation of electronic state-of-the-art instrumentation, coupled with the obvious intuition when the brothers play together, presents an album which every Dave Grusin fan would wish to study and enjoy.

There is indeed an unending sense of fun here which, courtesy of GRP's always sound-perfect presentation, enables the listener to hear every nuance of innovation in these tracks which have largely been composed by, programmed and played by Dave and Don Grusin.  Exclusive of Dori Caymmi's “Southern Wind,” all the compositions are joint or individual efforts by the brothers .

Dave Grusin says that part of the fun was doing an electronics-based album with somebody else in the room “who is most of the time a comedian,” as opposed to “the kind of hermitic life where you seal yourself up and don't see anybody until the record is done” (as was the case on “Night-Lines”).  They're both pretty great albums, and are there for the comparison.

Engineered by Don Murray
Front Cover Art:  Paul Pascarella
Photography: Donna Zweig


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