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GRP - GRP 5510
GRP - GRD  9511
JVC - VIJ 28015


HOKKAIDO  (1:57)   


Steve Gadd (drums), Don Grusin (fender rhodes, synthesizer), Lincoln Goines (electric and double bass), Lee Ritenour (guitar),  Rubens Bassini (percussion)

Arranged by Dave Grusin
Produced by Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen for Grusin/Rosen Productions

An exuberant brand of fun, coupled with clearly defined reflective pieces, states emphatically, this is not Dave Grusin merely emerging from the shadows, but rather, bursting into the limelight

"Out of the Shadows,” peppered with a wide assortment of musical styles and moods, is as satisfying today as when it was released a score of years ago, and is as good a sampler of what Dave Grusin is about as any studied anthology of his work.

Moving effortlessly from a sassy “Last Train to Paradiso” (included on “Priceless Jazz”) and the cool and irresistible Don Grusin-composition “She Could Be Mine” (part of the “Dave Grusin Collection”) the record glides into Lee Ritenour's more philosophical “Crystal Morning.”

From a thoughtful opening motif the latter develops into a  languid section perfectly punctuated by the composers guitar.  More and more light fills the piece as it gradually builds on the original themes, frequently interwoven with reflection.  This is definitely a happy awakening from nice dreams.

A salute to good friend Gerrry Mulligan in the form of a jumping arrangement of his “Five Brothers” follows.  This is as close to the swinging Dave Grusin fans remember from the early LPs as one will find on record during the long middle-period of his recording career, before the return to the acoustic piano and works of other composers in the 90s.  Indeed such be bop we hadn't heard since “Kaleidoscope.”  Drums are ably handled by the stellar Steve Gadd.

The rest of the album features a mix of Dave Grusin compositions, leading with “Anthem Internationale,” which might be subtitled `Anthem GRP,' it so aptly synthesizes the sound and ethos of the label founded by Dave Grusin and recording engineer Larry Rosen.  A live version of the piece can be heard on "N.Y./L.A. Dream Band."

“Serengeti Walk,” which has an official subtitle, “Slippin' Out The Back Door,” was written by Dave Grusin along with Harvey Mason and Louis Johnson .  It is so evocative of (real and large) cats hanging out, that it would be fantastic on the soundtrack for a cool wildlife film.  Or in its basic structure, might even have fit well into “Out of Africa,” had Dave Grusin scored that Sydney Pollack film he skipped.  No surprise it was included on Dave Grusin's retrospective “Collection.”  

Something of a tone poem, “Hokaido” is an ultimate Dave Grusin think piece.  Almost a haiku.  This, the piano solo on “Out of the Shadows” is simply exquisite.

The album closes with the smooth “Sweetwater Nights,” evocative of easy living and good vibes.  The track is also to be found on “Priceless Jazz.”

This uplifting assortment of Dave Grusin tracks is an excellent point from which to start enjoying his work, and it has fulfilled that very function for many a fan.  Under any circumstances, it's an indispensable album full of important performances.

Executive Producer: Akira Taguchi for JVC
Recorded by: Larry Rosen, A&R Studios, New York
Assisted by: Ollie Cotton
Digitally mixed by: Larry Rosen and Dave Grusin
Assisted by: Ollie Cotton
Digital Equipment: Frank Dickinson
Mastering: Sterling Sound, Ted Jensen
JVC Production Co-ordinator: Takashi Misu
GRP Records Production Co-ordinator: Peter Lopez
Photography: Tom Biondo
Stylist: Lisa Daurio
Hair: Webster McKnight
Design: Daverhone Inc.
Digital Re-mastering: Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound, New York
Editing and Formatting: New York Digital Recording
CD Production Supervisor: Josiah Gluck
Compact Disk Package Design: Addi B. Dayan/Andy Baltimore Creative Director: Andy Baltimore


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