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The GRP Story

Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen  Form a Partnership with Arista

"Dave's the spirit for the whole thing."

--  Larry Rosen

When Larry Rosen had moved Jon Lucien to Columbia from RCA in 1975, there had been an expectation by Clive Davis of Arista Records that the  singer from the Virgin Islands would have signed with his company.  Larry Rosen's perceived treachery was greeted with some fairly strong remarks on Davis' part.  Nevertheless, a couple years later, when Larry Rosen met the record executive on an eastbound plane in 1977, the expected vituperation was instead a warm greeting and compliments about the work Grusin Rosen Productions had been doing.

The chance encounter led to a requested dispatching to Arista of the fruits of Grusin Rosen Productions output to date, followed by a formal meeting between Clive Davis, Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen.  The former's idea was a production deal and a possibility for developing new jazz talent for his company.

Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen had other ideas.  They were dissatisfied with the lack of control they had over the products they'd so carefully produced, once their part had been played.  This had become vividly clear with the less than satisfactory treatment they felt “One of a Kind” was getting.  They came to the conclusion that the next step should offer them more control, not more of the same.

“We said, what we would like to do is have our own label,” declares Larry Rosen. “So that was the point of view that we came from, and after a long period of negotiations and discussions, he agreed to it.”

The Arista-GRP label was about to be born.

In addition to the team, Arista was eager to get their hands on the succulent “One of a Kind” album which had been made for Polydor.  so Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen approached that label, and expressed their unhappiness over the handling and marketing of the record, and their wish to buy the master back. There had been so many executive changes at Polydor, that the application to be released from the three-record deal was easily met with acquiescence.

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