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Dinner With Friends

Stars:  Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Andie McDowell, Toni Collette

Director:  Norman Jewison
First Broadcast:  August 2001

Story:  Over dinner, a couple is shocked to learn that their best friends marriage has come to an end.  Unable to comprehend how this could happen, they shakily try to hold on to their own principles as their friends' lives become liberated by divorce.

The score for HBO's “Dinner With Friends” is so intimate that it virtually breathes with the film.  With all four characters in the process of re-examining just what marital relationships should be, the music takes its cue from inner thoughts more than the dialogue or action on screen.

With the exception of two cues which have an Italian flavor in connection with a conversation, the tone throughout is contemplative.  Minute for minute of music, it is also the most romantic score Dave Grusin has put on film.

This combination of the thoughtful and the sensuous is a progression from the lush music for “Random Hearts” from 1999, Dave Grusin's most recent theatrical picture, both scores having what might be described as a sense of intellectual exploration of emotional feelings.

Nominated for an Emmy award, the score is available as a soundtrack recording, technically, Dave Grusin's latest album - a concoction which belongs in every fan's collection.  As demonstrative an example as one could want of Lee Ritenour's 2000 assertion that Dave Grusin is at the height of his powers.

Jellybean - JBR 5053


If Only He'd Talk to Me
I Did an Experiment
Tom Goes to the Den
Gabe and Tom Say Goodbye
I'm in the Mood for Love   
    (vocal Dennis Quaide)
Beth Drives Home
Beach Painting
It's Their Job
I'm Happy for You
Dinner With Friends
I Know Where I Stand
I Cling to Her
Don't You Ever Miss Me?
Gabe and Beth Talk
Beth Breaks Down
Tom Gets His Sheets
Tom Checks on Kids
Tom Leaves Gabe's House
I Don't Like Him Anymore
Back at the Vineyard
Every Karren Needs a Beth
Did You Get to Rome?
Too Much Vanilla
Don't Dream It's Over (vocal Crowded House)


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