The Dave Grusin Archive
70s sideman records


Beaver & Krause
Warner Bros.

Tracks: Soft/White, Saga Of The Blue Beaver, Nine Moons In Alaska, Walkin,Walkin By The River, Gandharva, By Your Grace, Good Places, Short Film For David, Bright Shadow

Howard Roberts
“Spinning Wheel”
Capitol - ST-336

Tracks:  Country Scuffle, Gasoline Alley, Bros. Of Serendipity, More Today Than Yesterday, Cantaloupe Island, Captain Bacardi, Crystal Illusions


Beaver & Krause
“In A Wild Sanctuary”
Warner Bros. 1850

Tracks: Another Part Of Time, And There Was Morning, Spaced, So Long As The Water Flows, Aurora Hominis, Salute To The Vanishing Bald Eagle, People's Park, Walking Green Algae Blues and Sanctuary

Lee Ritenour
“Gentle Thoughts”
JVC - JMI 2007 2

Tracks:  Captain Caribe, Getaway, Chanson, Meiso, Captain Fingers, Feel Like Making Love, Gentle Thoughts


Sarah Vaugn


Quincy Jones
“You've Got It Bad Girl”
A&M 3041
(electric piano)

Tracks:  Summer In The City, Eyes Of Love, Daydreaming, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Love Theme From "The Getaway," You've Got It Bad Girl, Superstition, Manteca, Sanford & Son Theme, Chump Change

Jon Lucien
RCA - APL1-0161
(producer, conductor

Tracks:  Uenda, Would You Believe In Me, Lady Love, Luella, Shana, Satan, Rashida, The War Song, Esperanza, Love Everlasting, Zenzile


Quincy Jones
“Body Heat”
(synthesizer, drums, electric piano)

Tracks: Body Heat, Soul Saga, Everything Must Change, Boogie Joe, The Grinder, Reprise: Everything Must Change, One Track Mind, Just A Man, Along Came Betty, If I Ever Lose This Heaven

Chaka Khan
“Baby Me”
Warner Bros.
(piano, arranger) “Where Are You” & “I'll Be Around”)

Tracks: Signed Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours),  Soul Talkin', It's My Party, Eternity, Sticky Wicked, The End of A Love Affair, Baby Me,  Make It Last, Where Are You Tonite, I'll Be Around

Peggy Lee
“Let's Love”
Atlantic SD 18108
(producer, arranger, conductor, fender rhodes, piano, & percussion)

Tracks:  Let's Love, He Is The One, Easy Evil, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Always, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Sweet Lov'liness, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Sweet Talk, Sometimes, Let's Love (Reprise

Jon Lucien
“Mind's Eye”
RCA - APLI-0493
(issued on CD in Japan)

Tracks:  . A Sunny Day, A Prayer For Peace, Adoration, So Little Time, Listen Love, The Pleasure Of Your Garden, World Of Joy, The Ghetto Song, Soul Chant, When The Morning Comes


Harvey Mason
“"Marching in the Streets"

Tracks:  Take Five, 8:22 A.M, Ratamacue, Noble Places Of The Heart, Scream, Whatever It Is, It's You, Crush, Tee Time, Take It Slow  

Al Jarreau
“We Got By”
Warner Bros.
(keyboards, horn & string arrangements

Tracks:  Spirit, We Got By, Susan's Song, You Don't See Me, Lock All The Gates, Raggedy Ann, Letter Perfect, Sweet Potato Pie, Alladdin's Lamp,

Quincy Jones
“Mellow Madness”

Tracks:  Is It Love That We're Missing?, Paranoid, Mellow Madness, Beautiful Black Girl, Listen (What It Is), Just a Little Taste of Me, My Cherie Amour, Tryin' to Find Out About You, Cry Baby, and Bluesette.

John Klemmer
(electric piano, fender rhodes)

Tracks:  Touch, Glass Dolphins, Waterwheels, Free Fall Lover, Sleeping Eyes, Body Pulse, Tone Row Weaver, Walk With Me My Love, Dream

Jon Lucien
“Song For My Lady”
Columbia 33544

Tracks:  Soul Mate, Dindi, Motherland, You Are My Love, Maiden Voyage, Creole Lady, Song For My Lady, Follow Your Heart

Carmen McRae
“I Am Music”
Blue Note - LA-462G (CD - TOCP-6690(
 (arranger, conductor - ** Dave Grusin tracks recorded April 1975(

Tracks:  Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye,Faraway Forever, I Ain't Here, You Know Who You Are, I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before, I Never Lied To You, I Am Music, A Little For Anna-Lee**, Like A Love**,  Who Gave You Permission

Ray Brown
“Brown's Bag”
(keyboards, electric piano)

Tracks:  Blues for Eddie Lee, Keep on Pumpin,' Surrey With the Fringe On Top, A Time for Love, You Are My Sunshine, Emily --

Sergio Mendes
“Home Cooking”
Elektra - 7E-1055 / K 52030

Tracks:  Sunny Day, Hey People Hey, Its So Obvious That I Love You, Emorio, Shakara, Where To Now St Peter, Cut That Out, Tell Me In A Whisper, Its Up To You, Home Cooking

Sergio Mendes
“Sergio Mendes”
Elektra - 7E-1055 / 7E-1027
(producer, arranger)

Tracks:  Davy, I Believe When I Fall in Love..., All in Love is Fair, Let Them Work It Out, Here Comes the Sun, If I Ever Lose This Heaven, Lookin' For Another Pure Love, Someday We'll Be Free, You've Been Away too Long, The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye

Howard Roberts
“Equinox Express Elevator”
 ABC Impulse - ASD-9299

Tracks:  Unfolding In, TimeLaps, TTTT, Growing National Concern, 2 db Eyes of Blue, (The Single)(On This Side) Real Freak Of Nature Historical Monument, Slam, Harold J. Ostly, the County Tax Assessor

Melba Moore
“Peach Melba
Buddah Records  - BDS 5629

Tracks:  . Must Be Dues, Get into My Mind,  If You Can Believe,  Sunshine Superman, My Soul Is Satisfied, I Am His Lady, Green Birds Fly, Natural Part of Everything , Love Can Be Good to You,  A Million Years Before This,  If I Lose


Brothers Johnson
“Look Out For #1”
A&M 213142

Tracks:  I'll Be Good to You, Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks,  Get the Funk out Ma Face, Tomorrow, Free and Single, Come Together, Land of Ladies, Dancin' and Prancin', Devil

Keith Carradine
“I'm Easy”
Elektra / Asylum Records (7E-1066
(keyboards, arranger)

Tracks:  Honey Won't You Let Me Be Your Friend, High Sierra, Been Gone So Long, I'm Easy & The Soul Is Strong, I Will Never Forget Your Face, It's Been So Long, Raining In The City, I'll Be There & Spellbound

Quincy Jones    (1973 ???)
I Heard That
A&M - SP 3706
(synthesizer, keyboards)

Tracks:  I Heard That, Things Could Be Worst For Me, What Good Is A Song, You Have To Do It Yourself, There's A Train Leaving, Midnight Soul Patrol, Brown Soft Shoe, Superstition

John Klemmer
“Barefoot Ballet”
ABC 950

Tracks:  Barefoot Ballet, Forest Child, Crystal Fingers, Whisper To The Wind, Poem Painter, At 17, Talking Hands, Rain Dancer,

Earl Klugh
“Living Inside Your Love”
Liberty - LN 10233
(keyboards …..

Tracks:  Captain Caribe, Heard it Through the Grapevine, Felicia, Living Inside Your Love; Another Time, Another Place; The April Fools

Earl Klugh

TRACKS: This Time, Waltz For Debby, If You're Still In Love With Me, The April Fools, Rayna, Natural Thing, Waiting For Cathy, Julie, Nature Boy, Dream Come True, The Shadow Of Your Smile, Christina.

Jon Lucien
Columbia PC 34255

Tracks:  Hello Like Before, If I Could, Spring's Arrival, Mi Vida,  Laura, Gaku, You Been Away Too Long, And It All Goes Round and Round,Child of Love

Alphonse Mouson
“The Man Incognito”.
Blue Note - BNLA 584.

Tracks: take Your Troubles Away, Snake Walk, Before You Leave, Just Like The Sun, You Are My Dream, New York City, Without A Reason, Mouson Moves On, Behind Your Mind

Earl Klugh
“Love Songs”
(producer, conductor, synthesizer, percussion, piano, electric piano, fender rhodes, horn & string arrangements(

Tracks:   Heart String, Laughter in the Rain, Summer Song, Catherine, Balladina, Alicia, Sweet Rum & Starlight, Mirabella, Like A Lover, I'm Ready For Your Love, Julie, Night Song

Grover Washington Jr.
“A Secret Place”
Kudu Records/ CTI KU-32

Tracks:  A Secret Place, Dolphin Dance, Not Yet, Love Makes It Better

Lee Ritenour
“First Course”
Epic PE-33947
(piano, electric piano, clavinet, organ, synthesizers)

Tracks:  A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That, Sweet Syncopation, Theme From "Three Days Of The Condor," Fatback, Memories Past, Caterpillar, Canticle For The Universe, Wild Rice, Ohla Maria (Amparo)

Nancy Wilson
“This Mother's Daughter”
Capitol. ST-11518
(arranger, keyboards)

Tracks:  From You to Me to You, Love Has Smiled On Us, I Don't Want a Sometimes Man, Tree of Life, China, Now, Never Had It So Good, When We Were One, Stay Tuned

Lesley Gore
"Love Me By Name"

Tracks: Sometimes, Paranoia, Love me By Name, Immortality, Can't Seem to Live Our Good TImes Down, Don't Stop Me, Other Lady, Along the Way, Give it to Me Sweet Thing

Carmen McRae
"Can't Hide Love"
Blue Note

Tracks:  Tracks:  Can't Hide Love, The Man I Love, Only Women Bleed, I Wish You Well, All by Myself, Music, 07 Lost Up in Loving You, You're Everything, Would You Believe, A Child is Born


Patti Austin
“Havana Candy”
CTI Records
(Producer, Piano, Electric Piano, Slide Whistle, Synthesizer)

Tracks:  That's Enough For Me, Littlebaby, I Just Want To Know, Havan Candy, Golden Oldies, I Need Somebody, We're In Love, Lost In The Stars

Brothers Johnson
“Right On Time”
A&M - (CD 213147)
(keyboards, synthesizer)

Tracks:  Runnin' for Your Lovin', Free Yourself, Be Yourself, "Q", Right on Time, Strawberry Letter 23, Brother Man, Never Leave You Lonely,Love Is.

Art Farmer
“Crawl Space”
CTI Records -  LAX 3263

Tracks:  Crawl Space, Siddhartha, Chanson, Petite Belle

Quincy Jones
Warner Bros. 3WS3048 ), 3
(keyboards, arranger)

Tracks:  Motherland, Roots Mural Theme, Main Title: Mama Aifambeni, Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself (Birth), Oluwa (Many Rains Ago), Boyhood to Manhood, The Toubob is Here (The Capture), Middle Passage (Slaveship Crossing), You in Americuh Now, African, Roots Mural Theme Intro (Slave Auction), Ole Fiddler, Jumpin' De Broom (Marriage Ceremony), What Shall I Do (Hush, Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name), Roots Mural Theme Bridge (Plantation Life), Oh Lord, Come By Here, Free at Last (The Civil War), Many Rains Ago (Oluwa)

Earl Klugh
“Finger Paintings”
Blue Note - LO 737
(electric piano, synthesizer)

Dr. Macumba, Long Ago & Far Away, Cabo Frio, Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow (Baretta's Theme), Catherine, Dance With Me, Jolanta, Summer Song, This Time

Harvey Mason
“Funk in a Mason Jar”
Arista - AB 4157

Tracks:  Pack Up Your Bags, Till You Take My Love, Space Cadets, Freedom Either Way, Funk In A Mason Jar, What's Going On, Set It Free, Phantazia, Liquid

Sergio Mendes
“Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil 77”
Elektra - 7E-1102

Tracks:  Love Me Tomorrow, Love City, Mozambique, If You Leave Me Now, Peninsula, Why, Real Thing, P-K-A-Boo, Life

Lee Ritenour
“Captain Fingers”     
Epic ??? Electra -
(producer, conductor, arranger, keyboards)

Tracks: Captin Fingers,  Dolphin Dreams, Fly By Night, Margarita, Isn't She Lovely Space Glide, Sun Song

Angelle Trosclair

Tracks:  Waking Up From Love, What Is That Look In Your Eyes, Too Many Irons On The Fire, Love Of My Life, Better Than Good, Let Me In Your Heart, Can I Touch You, Music Is Forever, The Language Of Love, Shooting Stars

Noel Pointer
Blue Note - BN-LA736-H (CD - CDP 0777 7 89543 2 3)
(producer, conductor, arranger, fender rhodes, synthesizer)

Tracks: Phantazia, Night Song, Living for the City, Rainstorm, Wayfaring Stranger, Mirabella, Fiddler o     n the Roof

Sadao Watanabe
"My Dear Life"
Flying Disc 6001 / Inner City - IC  6063

Joe Farrell
La Catedraly y el Toro

La Catedral y El Toro,  .Promise Me Your Love, Disco Dust, Cyclone Rider, Is It Asking Too Much, Imagine Me


Omura Kenji
Alfa 32XA-243

Tracks: Concierto de Aranjuez, I Never Was A Cowboy, Latin Stiff, I Feel Breeze, Tighten Up.

“The Wiz”

Tracks:  Main Title (Overture, Part One), Overture (Part Two), The Feeling That We Have, Can I Go On?, Glinda's Theme, He's The Wizard, Soon As I Get Home/Home, You Can't Win, Ease On Down The Road #1, What Would I Do If I Could Feel?, Slide Some Oil To Me, Ease On Down The Road #2, (I'm A) Mean Ole Lion, Ease On Down The Road #3, Poppy Girls, Be A Lion, End Of The Yellow Brick Road, Emerald City Sequence, Emerald City Sequence, So You Wanted To See The Wizard, Is This What Feeling Gets? (Dorothy's Theme), Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News, A Brand New Day, Believe In Yourself (Dorothy),  The Good Witch Glinda, Believe In Yourself (Reprise), Home

Angela Bofil
 GRP - GRP 5000
(producer, conductor, arranger)

Tracks:  Under the Moon and Over the Sky, This Time I'll Be Sweeter, Baby I Need Your Love, Ashford & Simpson's Rough Times, The Only Thing I Would Wish For, Summer Days, Share Your Love, Children of the World Unite.

Billy Joel
“52nd Street”
(orchestration, horn arrangements)

Tracks:  Big Shot, Honesty, My Life, Zanzibar, Stiletto, Rosalinda's Eyes, Half A Mile Away, Until The Night, 52nd Street

Lee Ritenour
“The Captain's Journey”
Elektra 6E-136
(producer, synthesizer)

Tracks:  'Captain's Journey, Morning Glory'- 'Sugarloaf EXpress"- "Matchmakers'- "What Do You Want'- 'That's Enough For me"-'Etude"-

Dave Valentin
GRP - GRP 5001

Tracks:  Legends, Bouree In E Minor, Sea Pines, Crystal Silence, Afro Blue, Masquerade, Patterns For The Sky, I Want To Be Where You Are

Noel Pointer
“Hold On”
Blue Note - UA-LA848-H (CD 7243 4 98543 2 1)
 (producer, conductor, arranger, piano, electric piano, Oberheim polyphonic synthesizer, mini moog synthesizer, kalimba, african marimba, bass marimba)     

Tracks:  Hold On, Stardust  Lady, Roots, Suite, Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You), Staying With You, Movin' In, Cappriccio Stravagante

Yutaka Yokokura
“Love Light”
Alpha Records

Tracks:  Breath of Night, Dragonfly, The Rest of My Life, Love Light, Evening Star, Oriental Express, Haiku

(Lee Ritenour/Friendship Band)

Tracks Sea Dance, Crystal Morning, Samurai Night Fever, Life Is The Song We Sing, Woody Creek, It's A Natural Thing


 Tom Browne
“Browne Sugar”
Arista GRP 5003

(producer, conductor, arranger, organ, synthesizer, percussion, electric piano, clavinet, moog synthesizer, oberheim, liner notes)

Jay Hoggard
“Days Like These”
GRP - GRP-5004
(producer, conductor, arranger, piano, electric piano, synthesizer, percussion, oberheim,  liner notes, mixing)

Tracks:  Samba Pa Negra, We Got By, Brown Lady With Golden Braids, Days Like These, West End Dancer, Takin' It to the Streets,      Kalima's Garden Song

Dave Valentin
“The Hawk”
GRP - GRP-5006
(producer, arranger, synthesizer, keyboards, electric piano , liner notes)

Tracks:  Marcosinho,  Blackbird,  Do It Again,  What A Wonderful World,  We'll Make Love,  Windows,  The Hawk

Angela Bofill
“Angel of the Night”
GRP - GRC - 8060
(producer, keyboards)

Tracks:  I Try, People Make the World Go Round, Angel of the Night, Rainbow Child, Wouldn't Do (For the Love of You), The Feeling's Love, Love to Last, The Voyage, What I

Lee Ritenour
GRP 95242

Tracks:  Rainbow , San Juan Sunset ,Rio Funk ,It Happens Every Day , Ipanema Sol, Simplicidád , A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That.

Lee Ritenour
“Feel The Night”
Elektra 6E-192
(piano, keyboards, synthesizer)

Tracks:  Feel The Night, Market Place, Wicked Wine, French Roast, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Midnight Lady, Uh Oh!

Roland Vazquez
“Urban Ensemble”

Tracks:  Music For a Flowered Pig, Long Gone Bird, The Visitor, Return to Congolia, Some Friends, Soul Force / Stephanie

Sadao Watanabe
“Morning Island”
(producer, keyboards)

Tracks: Morning Island, Down East, Serenade, We Are The One, Home Meeting, Petet Valse, Pour Sadao, Samba Do Marcos, Inner Embrace

Eric Gale
“Part of You”
Columbia 35715

Tracks:  Let Me Slip It to You, Part of You, Trio, Lookin' Good, Nezumi, Holding on to Love

Lee Garrett
“Heat for the Feets”
Chrysalis, L-35883

Tracks: Better Than Walkin' Out; Heart Be Still; You're My Everything; How Can I Be A Man; Broken Down D.J.; Sad, Sad Story; Stop That Wrong; Love Enough For Two; Don't Let It Get You Down

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